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    The University Certificate in Business Coaching: The unique features of the Kempten Training in Business Coaching

    The objective of the post-graduate certificate in Business Coaching offered by Kempten University of Applied Sciences is to train professional coaches who are able to act as competent guides for managers and co-workers to meet the challenges in their jobs and to support them to achieve their personal career objectives.

    Our professional development program for Business Coaching differs in various aspects from a traditional training in coaching:

    • There is no exclusive systemic instruction, but systemic approaches are merging with many other concepts
    • We focus on and systematically support the personal development of the coach himself
    • Our participants develop an understanding of business management and receive a profound insight in the experience of the environment of managers 
    • Each participant gets the opportunity to coach a manager or a young professional in our MBA program
    • In order to reflect international standards in postgraduate studies and to assure the integration into our MBA program, two modules are taught in English
    • Each participant gets a personal mentor who guides him through the program and regularly conducts supervisions with only one participant 
    • Participants are awarded a federal document after completion, the University Certificate in Business Coaching
    • The execution of the program by the university ensures high standards in content and didactics and a permanent quality control. Furthermore, participants profit from the professional organisation and the support service offered by the staff of Kempten Professional School of Business and Technology
    • Five of the program modules are being conducted in the castle Vöhlinschloss in Illertissen, which offers an extraordinary atmosphere. The two remaining modules are being held in the new state-of-the-art seminar rooms at Kempten Professional School of Business and Technology.


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    The Kempten Model of Business Coaching

    The professional development program in Business Coaching is based on the classical principles of coaching. Coaching is a means to optimize the personal capabilities of the coachee. Our focus is to impart knowledge on the basic principles and methods of coaching.

    The Kempten Model of Business Coaching exceeds the contents of a traditional coaching program. Besides Technical Coaching Competence we consider Personal Coaching Competence and Thematic Coaching Competence to be indispensable preconditions to act successfully as a business coach.

    We teach Technical Coaching Competence in three modules (Basics of Coaching, Communication Techniques and Intervention Techniques). They include systemic and other coaching concepts and techniques that are currently practiced.

    Personal Coaching Competence focuses on the self-assessment and self-reflection of the personality of the coach. As well as the realisation of one’s own coaching motivation and the individual coaching pattern, we concentrate on the systematic development of personal competencies to enable a successful coaching. The two modules offered are based on the concept of Emotional Intelligence. Participants perform a particular self-assessment and develop personal development plans.

    Thematic Coaching Competence is based on the fact that a good coach needs a fundamental understanding of the environment of his coachees. The coaching of business leaders makes it necessary to know roles and tasks of managers as well as established concepts and techniques of good leadership. These topics are covered in the module Leadership.

    Other features of our top quality-coaching program are the applications of case studies and a permanent supervision.

    The integration of our Business Coaching Program into our MBA Program offers a direct access to the coaching of managers and young professionals. Our MBA students will be available as coachees during the second phase of the integrated casework. It is even possible to continue with these coachees during the third phase of the casework.

    During the coaching phases (every participant conducts three coaching cases amounting to at least 16 sessions) the participants will be supervised personally. Every participant gets a personal mentor who will perform individual supervision during the casework. Group supervision will also be conducted during the seminar modules.

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    Structure of the Business Coaching Training

    All in all, the program consists of 200 teaching hours and 20 days of mandatory attendance within a period of 10 months (September to June).

    In order to be awarded the University Certificate, you need to document your three coaching cases amounting to at least 16 sessions of one hour each.