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Opening hours

Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri:
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Building D, 1st floor


+49 (0) 831 2523 + Extension

Student Office Engineering

all Engineering and Computer Science courses

Ms Tanja Hansbauer:
+354, room D207
Ms Stefani Konc:
+351, room D206
Ms Tamara Peluso:
+359, room D205
Ms Beate Rollik-Bachem:
+352, room D204
Ms Sabrina Schubert:
+120, room D206

Student Office Business

all business-related courses

Ms Gisela Bieda: +124,
room D209
Ms Cornelia Buchwald: +350,
room D209
Ms Barbara Frommknecht: +355,
room D208
Ms Andrea Riescher-Socher: +124,
room D209
Ms Djamila Schittenhelm: +122,
room D212

Head of Student Office

Mr Dirk Gerke
Diplom-Verwaltungswirt (FH)

Deputy Head of Student Office

Ms Beate Rollik-Bachem
Business Psychologist (B.A.)

Application for Admission for lateral entrants

You want to apply for admission to Kempten University of Applied Sciences

  • as a lateral entrant for a higher six-month term (semester) of a bachelor or diploma course of study

You have to apply both electronically (i.e. online) and in writing.

Before you apply for admission please read all relevant information about admission requirements, anypre-study internship prerequisites applicable as well as about theadmission procedure.

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Application period

An application for the summer semester is possible from 15th November to 15th January and possible for winter term from 1st May till 15th July.

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How to apply in three steps

  1. 1st step: Electronic application and self-registration
    In this step you do an online self-regsitration. After receiving an access code via Mail please run through the “application for admission” to a course of study. You can apply for all Bachelor courses with one application number.
    To do this you have to enter all necessary data into web forms which will then be transmit-ted via an encrypted connection to Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Several documents will be offered for download during electronic application depending on the data submitted by you.

  2. 2nd step: Written application
    At the end of the application process you have to print out your “application for admission” and all documents and forms provided by Kempten University of Applied Sciences in order to complete your application.

    • 3rd step: Enclose additional documents required for your application. Please note: by using a single application number enclose the following documents (if nessesary) only one time. 


  3. Curriculum vitae,
  4. colour copy of your passport or any other official ID (uncertified copy!),
  5. Applicants for admission to higher terms:higher education entrance qualification (as officially certified copy!)
  6. if applicable, certificate of thepre-study internship,
  7. if applicable, the certificate of deregistration (should you change university, this certifi-cate has only to be submitted upon enrolment),
  8. a stamped-addressed envelope (postage paid for letters DIN A4 with up to 100 grams) should you want to have your documents returned to you at the end of the admission procedure,
  9. officially certified certificates, such as the transcript of records, grade lists or credits (“Scheine”) for all previous study and examination results obtained.
  10. For foreign applicants for admission:

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Documents required for electronic application

Should you have forgotten to download a required form or document during your electronic application, you can do this at any time by using the Download Module on this page.

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