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Pre-study internship

Generally a six-week pre-study internship geared towards the intended course of study is required for the following courses of study at Kempten University of Applied Sciences before students can take up their studies: 

  1. Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Maschinenbau)
  2. Food and Packaging Technology
  3. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  4. Energy and Environment Technology
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Mechatronics

Internship activities can consist of metal-working tasks performed at machine tools (soldering,  brazing, drilling, turning, milling, filing), in production or assembly in a manufacturing plant or a craft enterprise.

For the course of studies Food and Packaging Technology activities are possible with food to processing companies, stack means manufacturers, machine builders or also analytics labs.

No pre-study internship is necessary if: 

  1. the student attended the “Technology” department of a German specialized upper secondary school (Fachoberschule) or the equivalent in the student’s home country,
  2. the student attended the “Technology” department of a German vocational grammar school (berufliches Gymnasium) or the equivalent in the student’s home country,
  3. the student completed vocational training in an appropriate technical profession,
  4. furthermore, technical courses attended during military service or holiday and summer jobs will be accepted provided that they meet the requirements.

Completion of the pre-study internship has to be proven by means of a confirmation issued by the company certifying duration of the internship and type of work done. Said certificate has to be submitted prior to enrolment if possible, but no later than till the end of third semester.